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it's a guilty euphoria

because even you know you want to read it

Guilty Euphoria
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GUILTY EUPHORIA - The Hugh/Jennifer (and RSL) RPF Community.

What is RPF?

RPF stands for ‘Real person fic’ – meaning, this community is based on Fiction which
is centered around real people. Hugh Laurie/Jennifer Morrison to be specific. We have
thrown in Robert Sean Leonard because it's hot. We will accept fan fictions,
icons, fan art, etc. Basically anything that is Hugh/Jen related. If you have
a question, don't hesitate to ask. But please read the rules first.

This is purely for fun. We expect everyone to play nicely, even if you don't
support the idea of RPF. Flames make you stupid and we don't like banning people.


Mods: fated_addiction, cathiexx and beeeez

Any question's or problems, email us: guiltyeuphoriarpf@yahoo.com.au

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