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14 December 2007 @ 12:21 pm
Part III - We Can't Help It  

Author: beebee_159
Title: The Nearness Of You (cont. to We Can't Help It)
Chapter: 3
Rating: MA...please be over 18!!!!!
Pairings: Hugh/Jen
Spolers: None
Warning: If You're not into RPF...what on earth are you doing here???
Disclaimer: I'm poor...need i say more...

Another month passed, if they had thought not seeing each other had been difficult, than they both would agree that seeing each other was much, much worse.


Their days consisted of occasional glances at one another, since with all the changes from the previous season; they didn’t get to do many scenes together. About every once in three days there would be the 'accidental' bump into one another in one of the corridors, the only kind of contact they kept constant, between them.


About every once a week they would allow themselves to run off and meet in ‘House’s apartment’ set where, whoever got there first got to take over the piano and play for the other while they either, talked about anything they could think of, or chose to stay silent and simply enjoy the few fleeing moments they had together, away from the world.


It had now been two months since they had returned to work and outside the little routine Hugh and Jen seemed to have grown found of, everything remained the same, he was still married and she was still engaged and they still couldn’t help but feel guilty at the simple look exchange between them, even though nothing else had happened after that night four months ago.




It was Thursday and as Hugh enjoyed a simple cafeteria dinner with Robert and Lisa, he couldn’t keep his eyes from wandering over to her table.


She was sitting with a salad in front of her, although she wasn’t eating, instead she kept poking her fork into it and just repeating that over and over, as Jesse went on about something, that clearly had him all rallied up, because his arms were moving excitedly through the air and he seemed to be completely oblivious to his fiancée’s lack of appetite and visible annoyance, but Hugh wasn’t…


Lately you had noticed that this kind of scene was becoming common between them: where he would go on and on about something very excitedly and she would stare into space or play with her food; you also noticed that she hardly ever finished her meals, choosing to either up and leave half way through her fiancé’s speech or simply wait for him to be done and take her still full plate to the wrack disposing of it and dismissing him when he’d ask her why she hadn’t finished her food.


“If she keeps this up, she’ll end up disappearing into thin air…” Lisa said, breaking Hugh out of his reverie, even though his eyes stayed locked on her.


“…I didn’t know they were having trouble…” Robert stated frowning, before taking another bite of his sandwich.


“Well, I don’t know if they are, but she sure looks sad to me…” Lisa said flatly “…what do you think Hugh?” she said making you look away from her and meet Lisa’s questioning gaze.


“I don’t know…” he said simply, staring back at his sandwich and suddenly not feeling as hungry as he did before, as the feel of guilt sweep through him as he thought about why she might be feeling that way, as he felt a similar feeling taking over him, making him push his plate aside and say dryly, in his rough American accent: “…I’m done…” luckily his peers didn’t catch his hidden meaning and resumed their assault on their plates as his eyes went back to her.


He was getting up and picking up his tray, as he stopped next to her and bent down to kiss her lips, but ended up kissing her cheek as she turned her face just a second before his lips hit hers. Hugh watched as he sighed exasperatedly and moved to the tray wrack; and just before he walked out of the cafeteria went by his table and spoke in his cheery Aussie accent, making Hugh’s stomach threaten to rid itself of what few of his dinner he had managed to ingest.


“Hey guys…” was his greeting “…okay I’m off, but Jen still as some scenes to shoot, would it be too much if I asked you to keep an eye on her, make sure she actually eats something…’cause she just won’t listen to me and I’m tired of trying…” he asked with an angry frown on his face, but tried to hide it through a fake smile.


“Of course not…” Lisa answered.


“Don’t worry we’ll keep an eye on her…” Robert said giving him a reassuring smile.


He waited for you to say something, but instead you got up and left. You couldn’t stand the way you kept wanting to punch him “…I’m tired of trying…” he muttered under his breath as he reached his dark trailer and sank down onto his bed “…he doesn’t know how lucky he is…I’m tired of trying…” he kept mumbling into the dark trailer.


He wasn’t sure how long he spent just lying there and trying not to think about her, but he was ripped out of his reverie by the sound of a trailer door being thrown shut, with a loud smacking sound. he knew it was her, because for some unknown reason her trailer was right in front of his, which made it very hard for him to not just walk out of his and into hers anytime he heard her smack her door closed like that, which lately happened more and more often.


But this time he didn’t even fight the urge as he stood from his bed and out of his trailer and for a couple of minutes just stood outside staring at her door, looking down at his watch he found that he had spent around two hours staring into the darkness of his trailer. He ran his right hand over his hair and let it rest on his neck before he took a deep breath, walked to her door and knocked hard on it.


“I’m done for today…go away…” came her muffled reply.


“Jen it’s me…” he said in his British accent.


“If you’re here to tell me about how thin I am and how I need to start eating before I kill myself…then go away…” she shouted back harshly “…unless you actually have something else you want to talk to me about…” she asked in a softer tone.


“Yes I do…” he stated and waited for her response.


“…then it’s open…” she said in her normal sweet tone.


He smiled and opened the door, stepping inside the dark trailer quietly and closing it behind him, locking it swiftly before he walked further into the trailer to find her lying down on her bed the whole trailer only lit by the street lamps on the outside of the trailer that shun through the semi-closed shades, her feet dangling over the edge and her hands clasped together on her stomach, while her hair was splayed across one of the pillows and her eyes were locked on the ceiling, much like yours were before you heard her slam her door shut.


“I hope you weren’t lying when you said you had something else you wanted to talk to me about, just so you could come in and now that you’re here you’ll start going on about the benefits of food and--“he cut her off.


“You’re pulling away from him…” his tone was soft and caring and his real accent took over his words as he allowed himself to relax and be Hugh and not House.


She kept her eyes on the ceiling and sighed, snapping her fingers and letting her hands fall helplessly to her sides, she opened her mouth to speak, but thought better of it and snapped it shut.


“Is it because of --“this time she cut him off.


“He takes me for granted…” she breathed out “…like there’s no point in trying, because when he wakes up I’ll still be there…” she stated matter-of-factly.


Hugh felt his stomach make a back flip over itself at the thought of her waking up next to Jesse and not him.


“…it was okay before…before us…” her voice trailed off “…but then it happened and the way you touched me, knowing it would be the first and last time you ever did, it…it changed everything…it changed me…” she said in a barely audible whisper.


He smiled coyly, suddenly feeling very good about himself; “…wipe that smug smile off your face…it’s not a good thing…” she said propping herself up on her elbows and looking seriously at him.


“…stay with me tonight…” he found himself asking her, as he moved to stand between her knees, parting them ever so slightly with his own.


“Hugh…” she breathed out, as she felt him reaching down for left foot, remove her shoe and place the sole of her foot on his stomach as he ran his hands slowly up her ankle, her shin, her knee, slide under her pencil skirt and move up her thigh, upper-thigh and let his fingers trace the hem of her stocking, before pulling it down ever so slowly, running the back of his hand across the smooth skin of her amazing leg until he had successfully removed one of her long stockings.


“…I miss you…” he said between the kisses he planted on the front of her foot, her ankle and her shin, as his hands kneaded the silky skin of her calves, making her whimper lightly at the ticklish feeling of his stubble brushing against the sensitive skin of her left knee “…I promise it’ll be worth it…” he mumbled as he gave one last kiss on her foot before placing it carefully on the bed and taking her right one in his hands and proceeding to give it the same gentle treatment as the left one had gotten.


“Hugh…” she sighed out in defeat “…someone might come in…” she whispered out feeling her other stocking slide out and his mouth resume it’s sweet assault on her waiting leg.


“…the door is locked and the lights are off…” he said between kisses “…for all they know we already left…” he said before he placed one last kiss on her foot on also gently placed it on the bed, as he knelt on the bed and straddled her left thigh, as he slowly moved to hover above her, placing his forearms on either side of her upper-torso, lifting her arms and wrapping them around his own neck, as he lowered his head and placed a tender kiss on her soft eager lips.


“…this is wrong in some many ways it’s not even funny…” she mumbled against his lips, but wrapped her arms tighter around his neck, bringing him closer so their lips met once more.


“…I want you…” he mumbled pulling back from her lips and looking seriously into her eyes, as if questioning her about whether to continue or not.


“…I need you…” she mumbled lifting her head to kiss him again and letting her hands move from his neck to his chest and up to his shoulders pulling the jacket off and down his arms until it fell from his body and she allowed her hands to trail up his strong arms and broad shoulders, up his neck and dove into his thinning hair as their lips met into a passionate kiss and she felt his hands move to unbutton her shirt.


With each button he unclasped, he could feel her release small moans into his mouth and it made him want to go faster as he felt his body immediately respond to her in an amazingly fast way. As he reached the last button, he pushed the shirt to her sides, exposing her chest to him and his lips kissed down her neck, to her throat, to the hollow of her throat, making her gasp as he sucked gently on it, until she stopped him…


“Hugh…” she said pulling his head back and locking her eyes with his “…no marks…” she said simply and he pouted for a minute, making her smile and pull him to her, as she took his bottom-lip in between hers and sucked gently on it, making him groan as he lifted her upper-body to remove her shirt and unclasp her bra, before he laid her back down and moved his lips to kiss his way down her chin to the valley between her breasts.


She screwed her eyes shut as she felt his warm mouth wrap around her perky right nipple and gently scrap his teeth on it, making her whimper and wrap her right leg around his hip and pulling him down to rest his lower-body on top of hers, as they released content groans when his hips came to rest heavily on hers.


Soon she managed to pull his dress shirt and t-shirt up and over his head in one move, throwing them across the trailer and letting her hands trail down his back, feeling the smooth skin and toned muscles there as she reached the waistband of his pants and traced it until her hands met over his belt buckle and he ground his hips against hers willing her to continue as his mouth moved from her breast to her mouth, capturing it in a searing kiss.


Finally she unbuckled his belt and made quick work of his button and fly and he gasped when her hand moved into his pants and under his boxers to hold his hard length as she pulled the pants and boxers down his hips, as to not hurt him.


After successfully removing his pants her hand moved to her back to unzip her skirt, but seeing she was struggling he spoke, in a gentle and soft tone: “…stand up…” as he moved from over her and sat at the end of the bed and helped her up.


Once she was standing he placed his hands on her hips and turned her around unzipped her skirt, letting it fall to the floor as he traced the waistband of her panties and pulled it down as well, while he kissed the small dimples on her lower back, making her moan in appreciation.


“Hugh…can I--“he cut her off.


“Condom…” he said as he reached for his pants and removed a condom from the back pocket, thinking about how lucky he was that House had that condom to make a point with one of his patients that day.


Immediately she turned to face him and bent down as she removed the square package from his hand and tore the wrapper before she gently placed it on him, while he took her lips in his in a longing kiss.


Pulling back from her lips he turned her around and spoke again:


“…sit…” he told her tenderly, his hands tracing lazily up her sides as she sat on his lap, moving them to brush the hair away from her shoulder as his mouth kissed the back of her upper-neck near the hair line and she slowly guided him into her, making them both gasp when he slid into her welcoming warmth, his arms wrapping tightly around her waist as her left hand held on to his at her waist and her right one dove into his hair, pulling him closer to the back of her neck, willing him continue to kiss and suck on that sweet spot he’d found.


Their rhythm was deep and slow, as they're spirit's rose from the wrecks of their broken souls and gave themselves to one another, both never wanting that moment to end and enjoying the way their bodies melded so well into the other as they moaned and groaned through greeted teeth, trying to hold their emotions in as to not get caught and ruin their sweet secret.


“Hugh…” she dragged out as she felt his right hand move from her waist to rub her clit tenderly as to guide her through the rest of the way to their mutual goal, as he felt her clench on top of him, he instantly moved his other arm to cover her mouth to keep her from screaming, allowing her bury her face in the inside of his elbow as he himself buried his face on that spot on her neck that seemed to be making her moan louder each time he bit down on it or sucked a little harder.


As their climaxes surged through them, she couldn’t help herself when her teeth sank into the sensitive skin of his inner-elbow as to keep herself from crying out and drawing attention to her trailer, her breath caught as she felt him do the same on the back of her neck, forcing her bite down harder on his arm to keep from shouting in the mixed feeling of pain and overwhelming pleasure that ran through her.


Once their climaxes toned down, Hugh fell back into the bed under him and pulled her with him, and they rested like that: he lying flat on his back with her lying flat on her back on top of him, her head resting on his collarbone, as he wrapped his arms around her and she placed her own on top of his.


They couldn’t say how long they remained in that position, neither one wanting to move both enjoying the others body and comfortable silence between them. It wasn’t until she shivered slightly that he placed his hands on her hips and lifted her from him, placing her in the middle of the bed with an amazing ease and removing the condom from his now soft penis, wrapping it in a tissue and placing it in his pants pocket, before he moved up the bed, pulling the covers from under them and up their drained bodies, covering them up, as she snuggled against his side and placed her head on his shoulder.


“How am I suppose to go home now?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper, as her hand moved soothingly across his chest, much like his moved across her back.


“Stay here…” he said tightening his arms around her.


“I can’t…” she said sadly “…he’s waiting for me…” she said and sat up when she finished the sentence.


“…it’s late…” he stated hoping that would make her stay “…call him, tell him you’re too tired to drive home and that you’ll stay here for a while until you feel up to drive again…” he said running his hand down from her neck to the small of her back.


“If I stay now…” she said turning to him “…I won’t want to leave…” she said through greeted teeth.


He smiled and sat up next to her; “Me neither…” he said bringing his left hand to cup her cheek and placed a soft kiss on her lips “…but we’ll have to…” he said placing another kiss on her soft lips “…I just want to hold you for a while…” he said kissing her cheek and brushing his left thumb softly across her jaw-line.


She nodded and looked at his arm and winced noticing the bite mark on his sensitive skin; “…I’m sorry…” she said as she ran her fingers over it, before she placed an apologetic kiss on the bruise.


“…me too…” he said brushing her hair away from the right side behind her neck and exposing the small red bite mark he left there.


“Is it bad?”


“No…” he said kissing it gently and feeling her release a deep sigh “…just don’t wear your hair up for a couple of days…” he said looking into her eyes apologetically.


After looking into each other’s eyes for a moment she reached for her phone and sent him a text message, explaining she would be home later, once the response came they were relieved to read that he didn’t really mind and fell back into each other’s arms, as she finished setting the alarm on her cell phone.


He shoke his head, making her break the comfortable silence that had settled around them; “What is it?” she asked concerned, her hand moving over his ribs in a soothing way.


“I would be here faster than you could say ‘multiple sclerosis’ three times“ he said burying his face in her sweet scented hair and taking a deep breath.


She smiled against his chest; “…I’m glad he’s not…” she mumbled into his neck, when she lifted her head, buried her face in the crook of his neck and kissed it softly.


“I guess you’re right…” he said holding her tightly.


“…night Hugh…” she mumbled into his neck “…see you in a couple of hours…”


“…night Jen…” he mumbled kissing her forehead and placing his chin on the top of her head, before he allowed his tired body to drift off. 

R&R...excuse the typos and feel free to let me know if you find any...=)

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